Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wearing Tea: and not because you spilled it on yourself

Okay, so i've gotten over my I-wanna-stud-everything phase. But as they say, it's way easier to just replace one addiction with another. Introducing: tea staining! Dying with tea gives a refined vintage look. I've also been meaning to try a marbled look by adding coffee but unfortunately, it doesn't hold well. Although tie-dye is making a comeback, you have to be careful with tea staining--you don't want it to look like you couldn't get the stain out from that one night you faceplanted in the dirt. So I'm taking on this new project and maybe even experiment with other natural dyes like berries and flowers.

Naturally Tea-Stained Sea Urchin Dress by Raw Hemline

Earl Grey and Pomegranate White Tea pieces by Duskin

Tea-Stained Silk Veil by Girl With a Sword

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