Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ears and Neck

Okay, so don't think I've gone cross-and-skull-jewelry-making-obsessed. (<--My PR writing professor would die if he saw I had written that). These three pieces have actually been made separately over the past year.

The top photo of the earpiece was my most recent creation and I'm definitely happy with it. I had previously made one but to be honest, the effort I put into it (or lack thereof) showed. This one I made out of two shades of $1 gold chains, crosses from etsy and twisted wire. 

The second photo is of earrings I made with the crosses and skulls with Swarovski Crystal eyes. I probably made these about a year ago. Wow, I am awful at updating this thing.

The final photo was of a necklace I made a few nights before leaving for Rome in August! That feels like forever ago. I like the varying lengths of chains. 

Thanks for checking out my post! xox